List Of Things To Do

Done Who When What Comments
x Kurt 2007-07-18 get new tiller extension Spinlock Diabolo 1200 (thanks Kurt!!!)
x Kurt 2007-08-10 splice J-Locks onto genoa sheets a work of art!
x Yard 2007-04-30 sand bottom  
x Yard 2007-04-30 sand rudder  
x Yard 2007-04-30 spot fill and sand keel port side fizzing, trailing edge at bulb joint chipped
x Yard 2007-05-11 paint bottom VC Offshore (red)
x Yard 2007-05-11 replace prop new martec
x Yard 2007-05-11 replace wire backstay with tech12  
x Yard 2007-05-12 get upper spreader base clevis pin 5/16" diam 13/16" length (incl. head)
x Yard 2007-05-12 install spreaders wait until just before launch
x Yard 2007-05-12 step mast rig tuned near yellow tape settings
x Yard 2007-05-12 fix steaming light dodgy contact at mast base
x   2007-03-30 inventory sails  
x   2007-03-31 unwrap mast and headstay  
x   2007-04-06 install halyards in mast  
x   2007-04-06 install shrouds on mast  
x   2007-04-06 rig genoa car adjusts  
x   2007-04-06 rig traveler  
x   2007-04-06 install headstay on mast  
x   2007-04-06 install tri-color light on mast needs contact cleaning/greasing
x   2007-04-06 inspect all lines  
x   2007-04-06 check lifelines  
x   2007-04-06 get shore power adapter  
x   2007-04-06 get add'l lifejackets w/whistles 4-pak Type III vests
x   2007-04-06 check jib cars on track jib car rollers very stiff
x   2007-04-06 check autopilot operation  
x   2007-04-06 check ground tackle 14lb Danforth, 15' chain (1.5" links), 115' rode (1/2" nylon)
x   2007-04-06 get compressed air horn  
x   2007-04-06 get code flags  
x   2007-04-06 rig spinnaker turning blocks  
x   2007-04-06 get chart book Richardson's Long Island Sound
x   2007-04-07 remove old vinyl name/port  
x   2007-04-07 install foredeck netting simple white line
x   2007-04-07 get lifesling w/whistle and self-igniting light  
x   2007-04-07 get radar reflector min 12" diagonal measurement, or 6 sqm equiv echoing area
x   2007-04-07 get four whistles for orange PFDs  
x   2007-04-07 get jack lines  
x   2007-04-07 get first aid kit  
x   2007-04-14 compound and wax topsides  
x   2007-04-14 get silicone dielectric grease  
x   2007-04-14 get epoxy for winch base holes  
x   2007-04-14 get 6V battery for MOB light  
x   2007-04-14 get new zinc for prop shaft  
x   2007-04-14 get flashlight
x   2007-04-18 get Tef-Gel  
x   2007-04-18 get winch grease  
x   2007-04-18 strip clean secondary winches removed winch bases to clean lower spindle assembly
x   2007-04-21 measure asym runner foot 8095mm luff 13880mm leech 12320mm
x   2007-04-21 remove old primary winches Barient 23 self-tailers
x   2007-04-21 clean teak  
x   2007-04-21 polish stainless  
x   2007-04-21 ream and fill old winch base holes w/epoxy allow to cure for a day
x   2007-04-21 polish prop shaft scotchbrite
x   2007-04-21 install new shaft zinc  
x   2007-04-22 install spreader stubs lost upper spreader base clevis pin 5/16" diam. 13/16" length
x   2007-04-22 install new primary winches new holes had dry balsa core
x   2007-04-22 remove grease from secondary winch pawls lost pawl spring
x   2007-04-22 check bowsprit seal no seal is normal
x   2007-04-22 clean and lube bowsprit replace rear fitting thru-bolt
x   2007-04-25 clean and grease masthead bulb contacts  
x   2007-04-25 clean and grease steaming light bulb contacts clean contacts at mast base (light not working)
x   2007-04-25 silicone seal masthead light  
x   2007-05-01 get SOLAS flares Cat 4 package from Landfall Navigation
x   2007-05-01 get searchlight ordered from Cabela's ($10 for 1MM candlepower!!!)
x   2007-05-02 wash bottom residual teak oil prevents painting
x   2007-05-09 get thru-bolt for bow sprit aft fitting 1/4"? diam X 5" length
x   2007-05-12 de-winterize engine  
x   2007-05-13 check fuel level half tank
x   2007-05-13 install pawl spring in stbd secondary winch someone dropped bearing over the side in the process!!!
x   2007-05-13 check electronics all good except speedo -- probably at junction box
x   2007-05-14 get solar battery charger  
x   2007-05-16 replace backstay adjust blocks old block spewing bearings, ordered Harken Carbos
x   2007-05-20 repair speedo wiring  
x   2007-05-20 check stuffing box not dripping, maybe loosen a hair?
x   2007-05-20 inspect thru-hulls and bungs speedo thru-hull has broken alignment slot
x   2007-05-20 determine prop shaft alignment for racing middle of wire between bolts on coupling at top dead center
x   2007-05-28 repair forward hatch stop (port fitting) replaced pop rivets
x   2007-06-11 get Harken winch service kit pawls and springs
x   2007-06-13 replace foredeck netting new, hi-tech red line (Duncan wasn't satisfied with white)
x   2007-06-13 replace jib lead bungee cords  
x   2007-06-14 get J-Lock shackles for jib sheets ordered from Mauri Pro
x   2007-06-14 get pre-feeder for jib ordered from Mauri Pro
x   2007-06-14 get Tylaska T5 shackles ordered from Mauri Pro
x   2007-06-18 start bottom cleaning service Barnacle Buster (John)
x   2007-06-23 replace autopilot cockpit electric socket  
x   2007-06-23 check solar panel charging battery1 wed: 11.0V, sat: 12.3V -- very effective
x   2007-06-23 fix loose engine control lever removed and reseated control
x   2007-06-23 secure head discharge valve to tank position  
x   2007-06-23 check bottom condition nicely cleaned rudder and surroundings
x   2007-06-30 calibrate speed and wind instruments close enough for government work
x   2007-07-03 repair rip in jumbo kite nicely patched
x   2007-07-05 order new vinyl name and home port Robin will bring to club next Wed
x   2007-07-14 apply new vinyl name and home port not complete -- port side needs to be done
x   2007-07-14 program new MMSI number in VHF error encountered: too many ID changes
x   2007-07-17 order handheld VHF Icom M32LI ordered online @ West Marine
x   2007-07-17 order replacement handle for marine head got maintenance kit also
x   2007-07-17 repair broken spinlock tiller extension epoxy
x   2007-07-21 install spin halyard cam cleat on mast 10NC24 thread
x   2007-07-21 measure jib sheets, tack line and spin sheets  
x   2007-07-24 get line for spinnaker twings Samson UltraLite 1/4"
x   2007-07-25 lubricate speedo thru-hull silicone dielectric grease
x   2007-07-27 buy new genoa sheets 3/8" endura braid -- 45ft x 2
x   2007-08-01 repair port running light  
x   2007-08-08 rig tack retrieval line Marlow Excel pre-stretched 1/4" yellow
x   2007-08-08 remove remnants of pump handle for head unstuck with WD40, big vise grips and elbow grease
x   2007-08-10 install replacement handle for head  
x   2007-08-22 replace Tack-Tick Racemaster battery won't hold a charge - used SailMaster
x   2007-09-30 get temporary mainsheet fine tune 4:1 borrowed from Whacko
x   2007-10-03 install temporary mainsheet fine tune dropped two turns from coarse sheet (6:1 => 4:1)
x   2007-10-06 get hiking pads for lower lifelines  
x   2007-10-06 apply vinyl name to port side  
x   2007-10-14 restore mainsheet 6:1 4:1 coarse tune doesn't work
x   2008-02-13 purchase Nexus NX2 system incl. 2x XL on mast and 2x Multi in cockpit
x     get metal hanger for MOB strobe  
x S. Berman   remove off-center speedo thru-hull  
x S. Berman   install centerline Nexus speed transducer  
x S. Berman   remove off-center depth thru-hull  
x S. Berman   install faired Nexus depth transducer  
  UK   add "earrings" to Q main forward reef points  
      replace cunningham tackle  
      add genoa foot blocks  
      fix outhaul cleat machine screw stripped hole on boom
      replace mainsheet coarse tune blocks  
      add permanent mainsheet fine tune 40mm carbo double top, 3 x 40mm cockpit sole, etc.
x     install Nexus FDX server  
x     remove TackTick mast bracket  
x     install Nexus mast bracket and XL displays  
x     install Nexus MultiControl displays in cockpit replacing Navman wind and GPS repeater displays
x     remove Navman masthead wind transducer  
x     install Nexus masthead wind transducer  
x     remove masthead tri-color light  
      install masthead windex light  
      remove housetop hand rails check/repair wet core
      install cabin grab rails same bolt holes as housetop hand rails
      add G10 backing plates for housetop winches  
      strip clean primary winches  
x     strip clean housetop winches  
      get anchor light  
      rebed v-berth board supports two on port side have popped loose
      rebed holding tank anchors  
      make bow cleat cover tennis ball too small for cleat
      oil toe rails and recaulk  
      check forward stbd stanchion base for wet core rusty leak stains below
      replace missing bolt on boom bracket for vang  
      replace missing bolt on mast step  
      polish/wax mast  
      polish/wax sprit  
      install halyards in mast  
      install spreaders and shrouds  
      polish bow and stern pulpits  
      dual-lead vang adjust to cockpit  
      check for spare engine filters  
      get climbing harness/bosun's chair  
      fix automatic bilge pump doesn't prime properly
      check for deck leaks port handrail aft bolt leaking
      re-bed handrails port and starboard  
      re-bed #3 jib track  
      add cap nuts throughout cabin  
      check engine oil and belts  
      upgrade fuel filter/separator Racor 500 series? Might be overkill
      get spare winch handle  
      get engine manual crank needs extended shaft to clear engine compartment
      replace/repair raw water strainer  
      check v-berth wood frame condition  
      rig tiller minder  
x     inspect chainplate backs & bulkheads  
      re-center mainsheet cleat/block  
      replace rudder bearings Tides Marine UHMWPE
      investigate sump cracks  
      fair keel