Thin Man Racing

This program delivers results.
2009 Racing Schedule
May 8 Sat Edlu (DH)
May 12 Wed EBYRA Wednesday Night Series starts
May 15 Sat NYAC Stratford Shoal Race (DH)
June 27 Sat Riverside Stratford Shoal Race (DH)
July 18-19 Sat/Sun Larchmont Race Week (1st w/e)
July 25-26 Sun Larchmont Race Week (2nd w/e)
Aug 7Fridelivery to Greenwich
Aug 8-9Sat/SunYRALIS Championships
Aug 9Sunreturn from Greenwich (post-race)
Aug 15SatCIYC Distance Race
Sep 4FriVineyard Race (Cornfield Point course)
Sep 7MonVineyard awards (optimism!!!)
Sep 16 WedEBYRA Wednesday Night Series ends
Sep 23WedWednesday Night cruise
Sep 30WedWednesday Night cruise
Oct 7WedWednesday Night cruise
Oct 14WedWednesday Night cruise
Oct 17-18Sat/SunManhasset Fall Series week 1
Oct 24-25Sat/SunManhasset Fall Series week 2
Oct 31SatFinal cruise / delivery to boat yard
2008 Racing Results
  • Larchmont Yacht Club Edlu –double-handed Todd/Duncan
    — 3rd PHRF/DH division
  • City Island Cup
    — 4th of 8 PHRF Division 1
  • Riverside Stratford Shoal Race –double-handed Todd/Duncan
    — TLE for all competitors!
  • City Island YC Women Skippers Race –Kyra Goldsmith on the helm
    —1st overall (Commodore Corsair Perpetual Trophy)
  • YRALIS Championship Regatta
    1st of 6 PHRF Division 4
  • Vineyard Race Cornfield Point Course –Todd/Tom/Duncan/Michael/Basia
    — 1st overall (Cornfield Light Trophy)
  • EBYRA Wednesday Night Series
    —4th of 8; CIYC Frank deSantis Trophy
  • Indian Harbor Gear Buster Race –double-handed Todd/Brian
    — 1st in division (Windward Trophy)
  • Manhasset Bay Fall Series
    — 2nd of 6, PHRF Division 6

"Thin Man" also raced in the EBYRA Wednesday Night Series running mid-May through mid-September. Competition was much tougher than last year, as we were moved up a division to compete against bigger boats including a handful of J/105's. We finished in 4th place out of 8 boats. Nevertheless, we earned the Frank DeSantis Trophy for the best overall performance by a CIYC competitor in our class.

2007 Events
Wednesday Night Series 2007

Final results are in and Thin Man won Division 4 for the 2007 Series, against a total of 10 boats.

Time off 1st Comments
2nd / 4
0:43 solid start to the season
1st / 6
  first bullet of Thin Man's career!
2nd / 7
2:04 heading for the wrong mark cost us 1st place
1st / 8
old 0:11 / new fouled at the start, cost us 1st place (2nd before re-score)
4th / 6
2:05 more classroom than race due to missing crew
2nd / 6
0:32 short-handed and very stormy (fun!)
DNF Nobody finished within the time limit (21:45)
2nd / 9
0:53 with 9 (nine!) people
1st / 7
old 0:03 / new hitting the log cost us at least 3 seconds (2nd before re-score)
1st / 8
  great teamwork and boatspeed, 4 minutes ahead of 2nd
1st / 9
  awesome performance, 5.5 minutes ahead of 2nd!
1st / 9
5th / 8